This is 1 hour-long group taiko drumming class for tourists from all over the world.
You will learn the basic taiko technique, simple traditional song, as well as some history and structure of taiko. No experience or Japanese language needed!
We offer an opportunity for you to experience the local culture in first hand.
Come empty handed and you will leave with an unforgettable memory!
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Price: 5000 JPY
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Hobby: Reading, going to see taiko concerts. My nickname is Iruka (meaning ‘Dolphin’). Since I was a child I loved taiko sound that you hear at festivals. I was very moved when I came to Kyoto at age 19 and finally played taiko for the first time. I learned then, that taiko is alive. It communicates different things depending on your musical expression, and it is simple yet has a great depth to pursue. I look forward to enjoy taiko with you all!
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